Kristoph's original song
"Others Standing By" is featured in the upcoming Prometheus Music CD, To Touch the Stars (songs of space exploration). Kristoph also sings the vocal - to hear more of his singing or to order his CDs, check out the recordings listed below!

Kristoph's original songs are also featured on the Avalon Rising
and The Starlit Jewel CDs.

Kristoph is engineer of Flowinglass Music, a 24-track Pro Tools recording studio in Oakland, California, which he owns and operates with his wife Margaret Davis.


Avalon Rising - Progressive Celtic/Medieval rock - bandleader, lead singer, and guitarist

Broceliande - Celtic/Early Music Quartet - sings lead and plays guitar, octave mandolin, and oboe

Margaret & Kristoph - Celtic duo - sings lead and plays guitar, octave mandolin, and oboe
Prometheus Music - independent record label specializing in albums about space exploration, science-fiction, and fantasy.
**Albums recorded:
To Touch the Stars - songs of space exploration
Roundworm - parodies by Bob Kanefsky
My Favorite Sings - featuring singer/songwriter Kathy Mar

Celtic Crossings - record label producing the albums of Irish concertina champion Gearoid O hAllmhurain

Folkloric Productions - record label producing the albums of Balkan accordionist Nada Lewis

Random Factors - independent record label specializing in folk and filk recordings

Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. - production company that tours internationally presenting original theatrical settings of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Avalon Rising - Avalon Rising - Flowinglass Music 1995

The Starlit Jewel - Broceliande - Flowinglass Music 1996, 2000

Broceliande - Broceliande - Flowinglass Music 2000

Sir Christemas - Broceliande - Flowinglass Music 2001

Gathering May - Broceliande - Flowinglass Music 2003
Some of the artists who have recorded at Flowinglass Music include:
Puzzlebox - Wonderful people
GearoiPd O hAllmhurain - all-Ireland concertina champion
Janet Harbison - Grammy-winning harpist from Ireland
Nada Lewis
- accordion virtuoso
Gunnar Madsen - award-winning vocalist
Shira Kammen
- internationally-known viellist and fiddler
Freyda Epstein - virtuoso violist
Ira Stein -
Windham Hill recording artist (pianist)
Broceliande -
Celtic/Early Music quartet
Avalon Rising -
Celtic rock band
- vibrant Bay Area Balkan band
Harmon's Peak - old-timey band
Cynthia McQuillin
- singer/songwriter
Kathy Mar - singer/songwriter


Gloucestershire Wassail

In Durin's Day

It Was a Lover and His Lass

Merry Old Inn

The Troll Song