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New Album Songs of Darkover Link Here


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1. Unlocked Who I Am
4. Why Should We Worry?
5. Mama, Now I Am Queen
7. When I Look at You
11. Summer Ended Early
13. I Am That Hero
14. Our Future is Bright To See

Why did the Evil Queen want to kill Snow White instead of marrying her strategically to grow the kingdom? How “happily ever after” could Snow White live after being dead for six months? How did Snow’s father die? Who was really behind the mayhem, and are they done?

Welcome to The Mirror’s Revenge! Picking up right after the traditional Snow White tale, this sequel plays out events and reveals what was really going on in the first story. Inspired by the Evanescence song, “Bring Me To Life,” this musical production features fourteen original songs which fill in details like who were the dwarves (displaced Siamese monks), and how did Snow White change the prince’s life?

The play and lyrics were written by dark fantasy novelist Jay Hartlove. The melodies and arrangements were written by Celtic rockers Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis. This is what happens when you get creative people together and no one tells them they can’t write a Broadway-worthy musical. You hold in your hand the soundtrack album of that musical. We thank the many talented musicians who generously contributed their voices and time to help us create this dream come true. Look out Broadway!

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Lyricist -- Jay Hartlove
Snow White -- Margaret Davis
Prince Charming -- Kristoph Klover
Queen Bellaverna -- Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Hans and Birgette -- Paul Kwinn and Taunya Gren
Brother Daniel -- Mikkel McDow
Master Po -- Mark Ungar
Master Wing -- Robert Hill
Master Sai -- Morgan McDow
Father Heinrich -- J.Jeff Badger
Guards -- Jim Partridge, Dominic Bridwell

photo by Stephen Jacobson

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SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY (by Jay Hartlove) :
This story is the sequel to the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” It shows why the evil queen lost her mind to jealousy and tried to kill her stepdaughter Snow White. It also tells what happened after Snow was carried off by Prince Karl Charming, and how this really didn’t save her from the fate her stepmother had set in motion.

The magic mirror turns out to be the actual villain. The mirror convinced the queen by subtle manipulation to kill Snow White. The mirror is in fact the spirit of the dead King Krosus, the archenemy of Snow White’s deceased father. Having failed to accomplish his revenge in the first story, he is back to try again.

The mirror haunts Snow in her dreams, and keeps her from getting any rest, but she can’t remember any details once she awakes. She fears she will lose her mind to sleep deprivation. Her doctors can only dope her up (this is after all 16th Century Germany). She seeks aid from the church, but the church labels her unclean. She finds an esoteric monk, Brother Daniel, who wants to learn what she saw while she was dead. The mirror finds its way to Brother Daniel and convinces him to kill Snow. Snow survives the attempt, not by waiting to be rescued as before, but by finding the strength to defend her unborn son.

The dwarves are displaced Buddhist monks from Siam, led by a strong-willed master named Wing. This story does not shy away from the role culture plays in the characters’ lives, and the “dwarves” are no exception.

Before he attempts to kill Snow, Brother Daniel sends King Karl and Master Wing on a wild goose chase that nets them Krosus’ magical sword, which frees Krosus from the mirror. It is ironically the original apple’s poison that leads to Krosus’ defeat as he falls through a mirror in a drugged lunge to kill Snow.

Along the way, we get fourteen new songs as we watch Snow grow under duress from the naïve victim of the first story into a self reliant heroine. Unlike so many stories where the heroine is made to look strong by giving her a sword, in this tale Snow White defeats the sorcerer who killed her father using nothing more than her love for her husband and son. She wins by staying true to who she is.

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