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"Somewhere on the bridge between Avalon Rising and Brocelïande, Margaret Davis took time out to record this solo effort, one that is much in keeping with the music of Brocelïande to come. This is acoustic Early Music and Celtic Folk. Margaret’s voice and her harp both shine brightly. My favorite is the title tune, “Princess of Flowers,” which was penned by novelist, Heathen woman, and SCA matriarch Diana Paxson. The lyrics sing of a king enchanted by a fae lover in the flowery greenwood... At PantheaCon I was privileged to hear Ms. Davis perform live and a cappella without amplification, and I’m here to tell you her sweet, crystalline voice needs no tweaking of any kind ... I recommend this to anyone with a taste for the Early or the Celtic." - Bob Sunde, The Metaphysical Music Man

"Margaret Davis is an incredible singer - her clear soprano and harp playing I cannot praise enough." -Peg Healy, reviewer, the folknik

"Let Davis's voice sweep you into the midst of a song, pierce you to the heart, then let you go. You will not escape unchanged." -Paula DiSante, Mythopoeic Society

"Margaret's soaring, celestial voice adds fresh depth and resonance to these ancient tunes. Just what you need to welcome in the spring season, and plenty of it!" -Elizabeth Barrette, Hypatia's Hoard

"Margaret Davis does not simply fall into the long line of Celtic singers of the day. Her treatment of timeless numbers like "I OnceLoved A Lad" and "The Boatman" show her to have a voice that is clear, vibrant
and possessing a decidedly ethereal quality that can take the listener away to long-forgotten lands of legend. Similarly, her harp work is always outstanding and often stunning. I would strongly recommend "Princess Of Flowers" to those who love the very best Celtic vocalists like Maireid Sullivan, Grace Griffith and Loreena McKennitt as well as those into harp masters like Sue Richards.-Chaos Realm

"I love it! Margaret expresses her love and understanding of Medieval, Renaissance, and traditional ageless music, and the mysterious appeal to the imagination which keeps them fresh." -Mitch Landy, reviewer, HarpBeat

"Absolutely gorgeous!" -Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon

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