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As leader of Celtic/Early Music ensemble Broceliande, I'm pleased to say that I have a wonderful new device to add to our recording arsenal. I had the opportunity this past month to preview and test the ICR-XPS01M Xacti Sound Recorder from Sanyo. My first impression was, "my gosh, it's small!" The unit is smaller than a cell phone, measuring about 1.5" by 3.75", and about as light. It is just the thing to carry in one's purse or music bag for those sudden recording moments. I was very pleased to find that it interfaces equally well with Mac or PC, as I am a Mac user.

The device is easy and self-evident to use. After turning on the power, one is immediately ready to record, and the display is large and easy to read. There are different recording modes, including "music", "interview" and "meeting," each optimized for that particular circumstance. The mic sensitivity is adjustable, to allow for louder and softer situations. The recording quality is phenomenal for any device, to say nothing of one so small. The bass is full and rich, the highs clear and bright. It is perfect for recording demos, rehearsals, song ideas, and or even just memos to self. I'm also pleased that it has an FM radio mode and is an mp3 player. The supplied 2GB microSD card allows for 3 hours of PCM recording or 13 hours of mp3 recording encoded at 320kbps. The lithium battery lasts from 20 - 40 hours, depending on mode of use.

I can highly recommend the Sanyo Xacti for all your digital sound recording needs!

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