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Songs of Summer

Magical collection of music traditionally performed during or inspired by the Summer Season. Performed by Celtic/Medieval band Brocelïande.

Beautiful, danceable instrumental and vocal arrangements for Celtic harp, cello, guitar, octave mandolin, voices, oboe, English horn, flute, melodeon, recorders, whistles and drums. Brocelïande is: Margaret Davis, Karl Franzen, Kristoph Klover, and Kris Yenney.

JIG OF LIFE includes these Summer songs (click to listen to soundclips):

Sumer is Icumen In
Aye Wakin' O!
Broken Pledge/Shoemaker's Daughter
The Pretty Maid
Star of the County Down

I Denna Ljuva Sommartid/Midsommer Vals
The Flower of Magherally
Eileen's Slide/Jig of Life
Oak, Ash, and Thorn
Rosebuds in June
A Round of Three Country Dances in One
Wild Mountain Thyme/Polska after Ellike
The Jug of Punch/Les Garcons d'Ete
When Laura Smiles
The Last Words of Copernicus
An Blew Treghys/Willafjord


"Brocelïande is a very capable four-piece ensemble in the early-music/Baroque/Celtish mold. On this Christmas recording, the players cover a very broad range of music from Western Europe, everything from an interesting hymn in Middle English to French carols, English wassails, Bach tunes, and even familiar Christmas songs. Margaret Davis has a high, clear voice and considerable talent on the harp. A pleasant blend of guitars, cello, oboe, flute, and so forth combine with some fine harmony singing to make this an enjoyable CD to put on while trimming trees, baking cookies, and all those other midwinter tasks." --Dirty Linen

"Seasonal and Christmas music from several western European traditions, arranged for guitars, harp, winds, and cello, are offered by this California quartet. Some Yuletide chestnuts, some unusual songs and a few splendid instrumental pieces make this a nice holiday collection. -- Sing Out!

"Drawing from a diversity of European and American cultures, Sir Christemas presents songs in English, French, German, and Spanish spanning periods from the 13th to 20th centuries. The words hark to Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, and other "Festivals of Light" integral to this time of year. Detailed liner notes give lyrics for the vocal pieces, historical context and attributions for all songs, and other fascinating background information. My favorite tracks include the rousing "Gloucestershire Wassail", "The Boar's Head Carol", an exquisitely soulful rendition of "The Holly and the Ivy", and "Edi Beo Thu." Actually, I loved them all ... Put it on your shopping list, too; Sir Christemas is a perfect gift for fans of traditional music. This is far and again the best winter holiday release I've heard since MotherTongue released This Winter's Night ... Most highly recommended." --PanGaia

**CDs are $15.00 each. To purchase CD with check or money order, email us for address.

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