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Songs of Autumn and Harvest Celebrations

Festive collection of music traditionally performed during or inspired by the Autumn Season. Performed by Celtic/Medieval band Brocelïande.

Stirring instrumental and vocal arrangements for Celtic harp, cello, guitar, octave mandolin, voices, oboe, English horn, flute, melodeon, recorders, whistles and drums. Brocelïande is: Margaret Davis, Karl Franzen, Kristoph Klover, and Kris Yenney.

BARLEY RIGS includes these Autumn songs
(click on links for soundclips):

The Barley Corn
The Band o'Shearers
Margot Labourez les Vignes
The Magpie
Now Westlin Winds
Islay Reaper's Song
Good Ale
Dancing Bear
Cambric Shirt
Three Ravens
He That Drinks is Immortal
Corn Rigs
The Bonnie Lad That Handles the Plough
Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes
The Banshee Set

"It’s always a good occasion ‘round these parts when a package from Flowinglass Music shows up in the mailbox and once again, that’s the case. The 3rd in a series from Celtic/Early music group Brocelïande, this one celebrates the season of autumn and the harvest. Capturing the feel of that time of year, Margaret Davis (harp, vocals), Karl Franzen, Kristoph Klover & Kris Yenney meld their traditional instruments and vox nicely. Listen to 'The Barley Corn','The Magpie' or 'Three Ravens.' Great stuff linking the importance of harvest time through the years with its expression in music." -- Chaos Realm

'If your tastes run towards madrigal treatments of old English folk songs, check out the autumnal selections from Brocel
ïande.' --Sing Out

'The San Francisco Bay quartet Brocel
ïande celebrates the autumn harvest season on Barley Rigs, which is a follow up to previous releases from the group that featured songs of winter and spring. The 16 selections draw from British, French, and early-American tradition dating back to the 12th century, variously saluting the harvest ('The Band o’ Shearers'), autumn romance (Robert Burns’ 'Corn Rigs'), and, of course, fermented beverages ('The Barley Corn'), along with an occasional dark and moody song like 'Three Ravens' and two instrumentals that include a stately Bach suite arranged for cello, Celtic harp, oboe, and bouzouki. With four amiable voices and a broad instrumental mix that includes a number of other fretted and wind instruments, Brocelïande presents a warm antidote for the gathering autumnal gloom.” --Dirty Linen

**CDs are $15.00 each. To purchase CD with check or money order, email us for address.

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